Iggy Azalea

Culture Vultures Crown Iggy Azalea The New Queen Of Rap!

Assimilation into a culture is one thing, but completely cannibalizing and re-packing a culture to reflect everyone EXCEPT the ones who invented it is most egregious–yet we see it happening before our eyes in Hip Hop and R&B music!

On this episode of Studio Analytics by Axiom Amnesia, Heit & Cheri discuss Iggy Azalea, whites taking over Hip Hop and R&B, Pakistani version of “These Hoez Ain’t Loyal”, and more!

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  • Discussion about Iggy Azalea being called the best thing that’s happened to Hip Hop.
  • Discussion about Iggy’s song “Fancy” being catchy.
  • Discussion about whites taking over Hip Hop and R&B, with acts like Maclemore, Robin Thicke, Justin Timberlake, and others.
  • Discussion about the Pakistani boy who sang “These Hoez Ain’t Loyal”.


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